A Not-So-Good Decision That Turned Out Not Bad At All

Map of VermontBackground: Summer 2014, my family travelled to Stowe, Vermont for a long weekend with friends. It was a lovely place to visit in the summer and gave us a first-hand look at the two ski centres in the immediate area: Stowe and Smugglers’ Notch. We planned to return for either another summer visit or a winter ski vacation.

Do you like to ski? We do. We are a skiing family. The kids are great skiiers (very soon to surpass Mom and Dad’s skill level) and skiing undoubtedly contributes to our enjoyment of the winter season. Much like other sports, it allows us to consider vacations/getaways under this “theme”. My husband and I discussed and agreed that 2015 would be a ski vacation year and our first thought was to head back to Vermont because we enjoyed the area this past summer. So last fall, we made our annual trek to a local ski and snowboard show. The show features vacation destination reps from across Canada and northeastern United States as well as an apparel/gear vendor – a one stop shop for all your needs! (That sounded a little bit like an ad…) Continue reading