Shout Out to WestJet

My last post was quite a number of weeks ago and I missed December entirely as it was a very up and down time for our family. January, thus far, has pretty much been the pits.

However, I would like to quickly share a positive experience and pass on my thanks toWestJet logoWestJet airlines in the best way I can – by spreading the “good” word.

In short, I have no airline loyalty. When I take a journey that requires air travel, I look at a) does X airline go to my destination and if yes, then b) how much does it cost? My decision-making doesn’t get more complicated than that.

A very sudden trip earlier this month presented a scenario that was devastatingly unexpected. I had to book flights for my family to attend my brother-in-law’s funeral. It was recommended that I try WestJet for a bereavement fare. I was not having much success online so I called the airline. The agent said that reservations were only made over the phone and that with her, I could go forward with my booking. Based on nothing but stories passed down from others regarding the experience of a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s aunt, I thought this process was going to be fraught with difficulty. It was anything but. The agent was courteous, efficient, and only requested some very basic details surrounding my trip before it was done. Then prior to our return home, we decided to extend our travel by one day. Again, I phoned the call centre and explained the reason for the request to change our flights and within minutes, we were done.

Although the reason for this journey was heartbreaking, I can honestly say that in this one aspect, the smoothness of our airline booking made the trip a little less anguished. My sincerest thanks to WestJet and their very compassionate staff at the call centre for all their efforts.

I truly hope this is not the type of air service you will one day require, but if you do, know that this airline in particular has my seal of approval.


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