Cruising the Caribbean! Take 1

I was remiss in not preparing my post immediately following my recent trip with my husband.

We thoroughly enjoyed a 7-day cruise of the southern Caribbean – sans enfants! It is only the second time we have done this (travelled for this length of time while leaving the kids at home) and it was awesome! Don’t get me wrong, we love travelling with our kids but every so often it is wonderful to just be on our own. A huge debt of gratitude goes out to my sister for staying with our boys – for the second time. We certainly feel very blessed to know that our boys were in good hands while we were away.

The planning for this trip centred on our wedding anniversary. We started looking last summer just to get a feel of the places and pricing options. We stumbled upon a “last minute” cruise deal for May 2016 in August 2015. So we checked with our travel agent friend to say “is this for real?” and when she said “100% yes”, we said “here is our credit card.”

The selling point: 7 day cruise, only 1 day at sea, the rest spent enjoying 6 islands if you count the embarkation/debarkation island of Puerto Rico.

We sailed aboard Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas. A 3,200 person vessel that was quite the “home away from home”. They had everything – and if they didn’t have it, you didn’t need it. We opted for a simple stateroom that – despite its size (they aren’t huge by any means) – was very well appointed.

We travelled throughout the morning and early afternoon to San Juan, Puerto Rico to make our 8:00 p.m. sail time. It was a bit of a full day of travel but all went smoothly. We made our way directly from the airport to the cruise terminal to ensure we left adequate time for check-in, security etc. Departing San Juan at night was quite lovely. The two forts were alight and made for a wonderful horizon as we sailed off into the night. It was a gorgeous and relaxing way to start our holiday.


San Juan at night

I will write more on our adventures in our ports of call in the next post.


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