Broughty Ferry Castle

Broughty Ferry Castle, Broughty Ferry, Scotland

My love of travel began at a very young age – with trips to my uncle’s cottage and school holidays to places near and far.

My love of writing began a few years later when tasked to write stories and eventually essays (yes, essays!) at school.

Although many years have passed since these great and wonderful epiphanies, my two loves have remained constant and true. But now, I not only get to combine them together but I get to share them – both with my family (my husband and two wonderful sons) and now you.

I’ve been very lucky to have travelled to many places within my own country (Canada) and internationally. But really, I’ve hardly even scratched the surface. As long as I can, and as long as the money holds out, I hope to continue exploring the world for many years to come.

I have no special designations – I happen to be in communications professionally but my educational credentials say something different – no certifications to indicate that I have a particular area of expertise. Nope, none of that. What you’ll read about on this blog is the life experiences gained through my travels and the planning for the next exciting destination whenever and wherever the journey may lead.

So what’s up with the play on words with Gulliver’s Travels? As my last name is Gall, it was far too easy not to pounce on the idea when my husband brought it up. That said, I have no deep yearning to find myself shipwrecked on an island of imaginary creatures all under six inches tall…I would like all of my travel adventures to be in the here and now and at full height.