Journey to Canada’s Far East – Part 2

The next segment of our vacation to Newfoundland was going “out over the road”. An expression that is quite literal in its meaning and one I never heard before prior to meeting my husband. Continue reading


Journey to Canada’s Far East -Part 1

Known by a number of different names by its various inhabitants throughout its history – the indigenous first peoples, the Vikings (first European settlers), the Spanish, the Portuguese and the French – this island on the Eastern coast of North America was no stranger to welcoming visitors from afar. But it is  explorer Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) who set sail (travelling west I might add) from England in 1497 who is listed on the books to have “discovered” (and claimed for England) Canada’s most eastern province: Newfoundland. Continue reading

Will travel…for music


I was recently in Montréal to watch U2 in concert. This was my second time seeing them – the first being quite a number of years ago and some 9 hours from home (Montréal thankfully was not nearly that far!). Then, when sifting through the cotton balls of my memory I further realized that for every concert/musical performance I’ve seen “at home”, there are nearly as many for which I decided to hit the road. Why? All for the love of music. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday (TBT) Part II – Dublin, Ireland 2013

To follow-up my post of last month (Throwback Thursday Part I – Northern Ireland), I am once again casting my mind back to the Emerald Isle and our trip of 2013.

Dublin was our next destination on the island for five days. In retrospect, I am really glad we planned five days for Dublin alone – there is so much to see and do. We thought/hoped to see a bit more of the southern part of the island but in the end found ourselves enchanted with this old city. Continue reading